transparent silicone mat

11 Why Silicone Baking Mats are Great for Baking

People want to know why silicone baking mats are great for baking. If you want to know, ask people who use it. The reviews for silicone baking mats are positive. Some people are concerned about the safety of the products. Research into its safety has proven that there is no reason for alarm. The silicone in silicone baking mats is food-grade and approved by the FDA. The only thing that independent researchers recommend is that you purchase quality brands of silicone baking mats.

• Silpat-Martha Stewart made relatively unknown Silpat silicone baking mat known to her legion of fans. She stated firmly that she used only Silpat in her baking. She may have been a paid spokesperson for the brand, but she wasn’t wrong in her support for this product. This product is made in France and costs less than $20 to fit a 13”x18”pan. Owners say that it is a must for bakers, although some complain of a smoking problem at high heats. This is sometimes a problem with a Silpat that is brand new. With time, the smoking problem will wear off. Despite the smoking, the user still preferred the Silpat over parchment or wax paper.

• Artisan-The Artisan silicone baking mat is less than $20 for 2 mats to fit a 13”x18” pan. This pan can go from -40 degrees to up to 480 degree Fahrenheit. Users state that you don’t have to spray anything on the sheet beforehand. If you are using it as a pastry mat for rolling pizza, they suggest that you sprinkle some flour on the silicone baking mat first. Some users can tell the difference between this mat and a much more expensive product. They say that it fails after three uses, and that they saw flecks of fiberglass right out of the box. If you have problems of this sort, don’t be afraid to return it to its source for a full refund.

• ChicoChef-ChicoChef has some silicone baking mats that come in 1-pack, 2-pack, and 3-pack sizes. It comes with a recipe book, kid-friendly colors and a lifetime money back guarantee. These silicone baking mats run from $11 for the 1-pack size to $22 for the 3-pack size. Some users use it in the kitchen not only for baking baked goods but for roasting vegetables, chicken, fish, and potatoes. It can smoke at times, but this is due to the fillers in the silicone, and not the silicone itself.

transparent silicone mat

Healthy Chef Baking Mat– A raised silicone baking mat is a novel idea. The raised nodules on the mat provides aeration that is sometimes needed in cooking. This provides evenly cooked, juicy food every time. 2 mats to fit an 11”x16” pan costs you about $15. You will love how the raised grooves prevent French fries and hash browns from soaking up extra oil. the full details in Users say that clean-up can be a chore because of the raised grooves. Additionally, if you are frying something with mat, the grease may settle under the pan that you place the silicone baking mat in.

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