5 Reasons You Should Try Silicone Bakeware

Are you particularly nifty in the kitchen? Then try silicone bake mats to spruce up your baking arsenal and take you that one step further into baking heaven. The folks at Majestic Cakes like using them to bake their cupcakes melbourne. So what are these baking trays and what exactly is so special about them? For one they are made of a material known as silicone. This is rubber like, floppy and malleable. They shape easily and can be deformed for easier cleaning. Not convinced yet? Well we have constructed a list of reason why you should go silicone. Read on!

  • Non-stick: These rubbery little monsters do not stick and thus you do not require and greasy pan. However, sometimes it is far better to be on the safe side and grease them anyway. Perhaps a slight lubricating spray on the silicone is really all that you need to avoid a disaster occurring
  • No Burning: The magic of silicone allows the heat ot be distributed more evenly throughout the material than their classical metal counterparts. Watch out though because no matter what, the bottom of the pan will always be hotter than the sides, so you still need to be vigilant. Additionally, the more even spread of heat causes them to take a little long in the oven.
  • Flexibility: These little silicone baking mats are very wobbly and flexible. So you must be careful when you put them in the over that you do not inadvertently spill the baking mix and ruin things. Additionally, you may need to reset them on a cooking sheet so they do not start to slump over due to the weight pushing on the flexible sides. On the up side though, the flexibility allow the removal of the baked good to be much easier, but always remember to lift it with both hands.
  • Easily Washed: Since the silicone baking mats are very flexible, it means they are easy to clean. If there is dirt stuck in an awkward corner, merely push out that corner with your finger and the flexible material will give way and allow easy access to your brush.
  • Easily Stored: Since they are so soft, the silicone baking mats can be crunched up and stored away in the tiniest of corners. This is a great advantage in relation to their metal cousins which are pretty solid. It is definitely the choice of thing to bring if you are going camping or something. Additionally, they are safe to use in freezer, microwave and oven. They are such tricky things.

There you go baking fans out there. This is the future of home baking. Everyone is going silicone, what are you waiting for? As your old pans rust away, the new flippy floppy easily heated trays will be going strong. So get up now and get your hands of a silicone baking mat.

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