cake recipe

Cake Recipes

Cake recipes are one of the most widely eaten sweet baked recipes. This Cake recipe is mostly used at special occasions including birthday, New Year party, teacher’s day etc. Recipes for cakes is easy to prepare and can be baked in different flavours and style.


Cakes recipes include different ingredients like:

• Sugar
• Egg
• Flour and
• Butter

• Recipes for cakes consist of different layers of cream, marzipan, icings etc.

• Mainly Cakes recipes are used as the occasional dish and are prepared for celebrating certain main events. Different Cake recipes include bread like Cake recipe, rich cakes and traditional old cakes.
Yeast Cakes recipes are one of the most traditional form of cakes.

Different jam fillings and toppings are used in the Recipe for pancakes depending on the place and region where it is cooked.

• Some other varieties of Cake recipe include milk as the main ingredient. Cake recipes also consist of flavoured ingredients such as fruit, nut, berries, chocolate chips etc.

• Cheese Cakes recipes are a form of custard pies and do not include flour but consist of flour based crust to support the Cake recipe. These are one of the oldest Greece Recipes for cakes.

• Stollen and babka are traditional dessert Cake recipes.

• Recipe for pancakes are one of the seven main course dishes of the French tradition.

Mostly in modern and medieval Christian period, Recipe for pancakes is prepared and use store items especially in Britain. Recipes for cakes can be prepared in different shapes and styles including Bundt cakes, balls, cup cakes, layer cakes, sheet cakes and Swiss roll cakes. Mostly in Canada, France and Brazil, French crepes are the famous Recipe for pancakes and one can prepare them by using egg, flour milk, sugar baking powder and salt.


• All the dry ingredients are mixed together in the bowl and then beaten eggs and milk is added in it.
• In a pan oil is spread properly and is heated on a medium high temperature.
• Then this mixture is poured in the oil coated pan and is baled from both the sides.
• These are thin and consist of savoury filling.

cake recipe

In German, pfannkuchen is the most widely eaten pancakes. One can search different types on Cake recipes and delicious Recipe for pancakes on net and can prepare them easily at home. Cake recipe is often enhanced by the decoration of the cakes with icing, topping, frosting, or sprinkling different flavoured powders, creams or fruit to provide rich taste to the Cakes recipes. In Recipes for cakes special flour is used which contains high starch and fine textured low protein soft wheat.

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