Diabetic Cake Recipes – Tips & Tricks

Let’s first mention few useful tips tricks of the trade – right off the back, before we indulge ourselves into Diabetic Cake Recipes and more on baking Sugar Free Cakes & other useful stuff like Diabetic Menus and Diabetes Diet Management.

Following are some exclusive tips to prepare professional cakes and dessert recipes for folks with diabetes!

The most important tip, which I would like to mention first is about the misconception that any food item labeled “sugar free“ is safe to eat and it wont rise your blood sugar level.

My advice in this regard is when you go out for buying stuff to eat please look at the ‘nutrition label’ and under that look for ‘total carbohydrates – or crabs’ not the ‘amount of sugar’. For example, when buying editable food item, like “sugar free ice cream” or the deceptive “no sugar added” ice cream, compare the amount of carbohydrates on both (normal and sugar-free) ice creams. Usually they will be almost in the same quantity.
Which means, having “sugar free” will still raise your blood-sugar-level, in fact this crabs thing is far more worse for a diabetic than the “actual thing”.

My advice is to have the ‘real thing’ or normally prepared desserts is almost 99% always better than anything with sugar-free sticker on it. It goes without saying that eat everything but in moderation.

The sub Splenda artificial sweetener brand as a sugar substitute will make the cake dryer and crumby. To fix this just use three fourth – 3/4th Splenda and remaining one fourth – 1/4th with fruit juice of your choice or even a milk shake, like apple, banana, mango etc. This will also act as a taste maker and will give out real essence of the fruit & the cuisine you’re trying to bake.

Alternatively use DiabetiSweet, best safe sweetener I’ve ever used, it’s very reputable and lots of folks with diabetes are using this, if you want to learn more about the item go to for additional details.
As a diabetic type 2 for twenty five years, I can say and noticed it over the years, while sugar is harmful for the diabetic patient the amount of flour we like to have is of a more concern, because crabs in the flour are more injurious than sugar. Every diabetic have different reaction for carbohydrates intake.

The best way to go about it is to substitute white-flour with whole wheat or multi grain or other flour replacements, like, Oak flour, Rice flour (but use less), Wheat flour, Buckwheat flour, and Flax seed etc. So wherever you find any Diabetic CakeRecipes meant for non-diabetic people and when the recipes call for white flour, you can safely substitute it by: 3 parts whole wheat, 1 part rice or oat flour, 1 part buckwheat flour.

As we all know cloistral is bad for everybody, especially if you’re diabetic and have high blood pressure, in this case consequently your medical doctor must have advised you to stop or reduce the amount of salt in the diet. The best way to go about it is to use ‘Lemon Juice’ instead of salt, for example, put quarter cup lemon juice – one fourth of a regular size coffee cup – on a baked or fried fish in place of salt. If you’ve tried it, then you know, but if didn’t, let me tell you this will not only replicate and satisfy the need for salt but also act as a medicine to reduce harmful cloistral and fat in the body.


This practice is extremely useful for the people suffering from high blood pressure, high cloistral, obesity and a natural relieve for some stomach / liver and intestine problems and for diabetic patients.

On the following pages we’ll disclose variety of different Diabetic Cake Recipes, specially diabetic cupcake recipes and how it can be a “piece of diabetic cake” even for a person who is just starting out the quest for becoming a Chef!

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